At Limes of Bedford we are proud of our reputation for producing fresh ‘first class' food and providing a business lunch, event and party buffet delivery service that is friendly, efficient and timely.

Limes of Bedford offer excellent, freshly prepared buffets and business lunches delivered direct to your door by one of our friendly team. All our food is beautifully presented on quality platters and boxed for your convenience. We also provide complimentary quality disposable foam plates and napkins

Whatever the occasion, however large or small, Limes of Bedford would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

We have detailed below a selection of our most popular business lunch and buffet platters that can be delivered to you. If you require something different, just ask!

Freshly made breakfast rolls filled with delicious bacon, sausage, mushroom and cheese.
Freshly baked bite sized pieces of white and wholemeal baguette filled with a variety of delicious fillings.

Quarters of white and wholemeal sandwiches packed with tasty fillings.
Quarters of wholemeal bread filled with lemon butter, smoked salmon and cucumber. Garnished with fresh lemon and cucumber.
A selection of succulent chicken pieces served with dipping sauce. Like it spicy? Just let us know!
Pieces of 'Mediterranean' style bread filled with salami, brie and smoked salmon, garnished with olives and fresh basil.
A selection of seasonal vegetable pieces cut 'for dipping', presented on a platter with tortilla chips and three dips.
An assortment of large and mini Chicken satay skewers, served with a delicious dip.
Bite size 'Far Eastern' savouries including samosas, bhajis and tikka sticks. Served with a pot of mango chutney or yoghurt and mint dip.
Bite size 'Chinese' savouries including spring rolls, seafood parcels and prawn toasts. Served with a pot of sauce for dipping.
Choose from pieces of sausage roll, vegetarian pastries, mini quiche, pizza from £1 per person
Pieces of seasonal fruit freshly prepared and beautifully presented.
Bite size pieces of mouth-watering cake - delicious.

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